The Morav is a warrior faction. If they were capable of working together they would probably rule the entirety of Heavstine but the clans of Morav spend as much if not more time fighting each other as they do others. Each clan is entrenched in their own beliefs but each has a nearly identical social structure with a chieftain who fits the role of a dictator with several sub chieftains overseeing daily life. The will of the clan is often discussed among all the sub chieftains but is ultimately the decision of the leader.

There are several mining operations littered throughout the Morav lands. These are often a hot point for battles between tribes.

Special qualities

Moravans are allowed one additional combat feat at first level. Due to their lack of civility they take a -2 on all diplomacy checks.

Common classes

Fighter -

Barbarian -

Gunslinger -

Common races





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