The Minnot consider themselves the cultural center of the world. All of the greatest musicians and artists in Heavstine have ties to Minnot lands. The world’s largest Street fair is held every day in the capital city of Jethnar. The life of every minnotian is not all fan fare there is also a well regimented guard that help to protect the traders that travel here daily from across the land.

Special abilities

Bartering – minnotians get a +2 to appraise checks to determine the value of non magical items and a +2 to diplomacy when trading with someone.
Defensive Rally – +1 to AC when adjacent to an ally in combat.
No worries – Minnotians take a -2 to fortitude saves

Common Classes

Bard -

Cavalier -

Rogue -

Common Races

Gnome -

Halfling -

Half-elf -


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