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Before We Begin

Before you begin playing the Pathfinder, Heavstine campaign please take the time to read through the material available to you on this wiki. Your GM has provided a lot of information for you about the world and the people in it so that you understand the dynamics and relations of the environment.

This is a Wiki

Being that this is a wiki anyone who is part of the campaign can add to it and we really hope that you do. This is not just a canvas for you GM but a place for everyone to keep track of the characters they have met and the places they have been. The same is true for the adventure log. After every session anyone can write and add to the adventure log so that we have an accurate history of events that have taken place.

Factions of Heavstine

Heavstine is divided into 5 factions. Everybody is considered part of one or the other and it is possible that you started your life in one faction and are now in a different one because of your beliefs. These will factor Heavily into character background and there are certain bonuses and detriments that come with each. If you changed factions halfway through your life you will generally only gain the benefits of one faction. Talk to your GM if you would like to blend the bonuses but you will not be allowed to gain all bonuses from each.

Location of Interest

There are some locations that are legendary throughout all of Heavstine. Everyone in the world would know a little bit about them. Some characters may know more than others but the general knowledge about them is contained on the following pages.

Lore and History

Heavstine has a few odd bits in its history and lore that everyone would know a little about.

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