Inhabiting the mountainous, cold Northern region, the Handallar are a hardy people who have found ways of using the limited resources afforded them to not only survive but flourish in this harsh environment. Little is known by the outside world about the people who live here. There have been a few expeditions into the mountains, some for conquest others for knowledge but none have been successful. The conditions just proved too harsh and the Handallar too resistant to intruders.

Twice a year a trading expedition makes its way into the lower regions. The items they carry with them are rare and highly coveted throughout the land but more impressive is the money and jewels they bring with them. Many believe there are great troves in the mountains filled with wealth.

Special Attributes

Handallar enjoy a +2 to all fortitude saving throws due to the harsh environment they were raised in. Also all Handallar are apprenticed into a craft or profession, craft and profession are always class skills and you get a skill focus feat in one of these skills. Due to their secluded nature they are not highly knowledgeable of the other regions cultures and history. Knowledge(local), knowledge(history), and diplomacy checks dealing with formality are attempted at a -2 when outside Handallar regions.

Common classes

Oracle -

Bard -

Alchemist -

Magus -

Common races

Dwarves -

Halflings -

Humans -


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