The Grizzellians hail from the forest covered Eastern region of Heavstine. They believe in the sanctity of nature in all its forms. The highest members of society are the powerful druids that dedicate their lives to cultivation and nurturing of the Woodlands and the creatures that populate it.

There is still a large contingent of hunters among them but they follow a strict woodsman’s code. The first and most important rule is take only what you will use and use everything you take. Bone swords are not uncommon as well as bone tools and arrow tips. Leather tunics and breeches are as common as those made from fabrics throughout the Grizzellian lands. Totems to various animals are seen littered throughout the land, some are old worn and falling apart while others are well maintained as if they were worshiped daily.

Special Characteristics

Members of the Grizzellian faction always have knowledge(nature) as a class skill. If your class already has knowledge(nature) as a skill take a +2 bonus to skill checks on knowledge(nature). They also enjoy a +2 on survival checks in temperate and wooded areas. Any knowledge(local) or knowledge(history) checks pertaining to Grizzellian lands and lore can be performed untrained. If trained you take a +2 on these checks. However due to the lack of mining they have a -2 on knowledge(dungeoneering).

Common Classes

Many classes are capable of having a deep relation with nature. The awesome power of it is something to be respected by everyone and inspiration from it is not hard to find.

Druids – Druids are an obvious choice for the Grizzellians. Druids are required to make a deep connections with environment and the animals in it so this is like a utopia for them. Often druids from Grizzellia turn adventurer to ensure the safety of other wild regions that are not as well cared for as those of their homeland.

Rangers – Living for the hunt rangers are in their glory when confronted with the dense woodlands of Grizzellia. Rangers who choose to adventure usually do so because they wish to hone their skills in different terrains but it is not uncommon for a ranger to set out in search of a favored enemy that they wish to remove from existence. While they seem level headed Rangers are very dedicated to their craft and often seek their goal for very personal reasons and do it with a nearly unrivalled passion.

Clerics – Clerics can be found in nearly every faction do to the differentiation between deities. Clerics from Grizzellian tend to favor nature bound gods but have also been known to worship any god that has a good sense of community. There are not a lot of large cities in Grizzellian lands but there are many small hamlets, villages and towns that have to work together to survive year to year. Clerics are the guiding light for that sense of community and can be the hope that guides them through the storms.


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