Summing it up

It seemed about time for someone to catalog the campaign events so far. I am going to do my best to recap on what has happened if any of you feel like adding to it go ahead, perhaps elaborate on some of the more flourishing details.

We started a party of 8 prisoners of the infamous Farth clan. Everyone had arrived there by different means and with different intentions but everyone shared the desired for freedom. In a battle that required ingenuity and stealth we were able to overcome the guards that were stationed near the holding cell wagon as well as secure weapons for ourselves. Some of the weapons and equipment were ours that been confiscated others were crude weapons that our captors had on them. With a little help from a llama we faced the half-orc leader of the party tasked with taking to us to Gursh for trade and came out victorious. All of your lost items were found in the other wagons or on the bodies of the fallen.

New Members:
After our battle with the Farth contingent two travelers/adventurers came out of the woods, awoken by llama and drawn by the sounds of battle. They were looking for a righteous cause to help and found that the current state of our adventurers suited them.

Dire Wolves:
Just as we had finished collected everything we thought was important from the battlefield and concealing the evidence of our battle a pack of dire wolves, drawn by the scent of blood still fresh in the air, surrounded us. This time we were much better armed and managed another victory over the snarling beasts.

Leaving the bloody scene behind we made our way to Masten, a small town nearby, to hopefully get a night or two of rest, and to take full advantage of the peace provided by Morav’s one communal day of festival.

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